Engineering programmes with winter start

The bachelor’s degree programmes listed below still have available student places. Therefore, it is still possible to apply for admission to these programmes (winter start). Please note that you must meet the general and specific admission requirements for each programme. Furthermore, please note that all the listed programmes are taught in Danish and therefore Danish A is a requirement.  

All applications (winter start) received between 7 August and 1 November 2018 for Aarhus University School of Engineering will be registered as received within the deadline. Admission letters for these programmes will be sent out in November.

From 2 November, all applications for winter start will be handled on a first-come-first-serve principle. 

If you do not have a Danish residence permit that exempts from payment of tuition fee

If you are a non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen, you must submit a copy of your Danish residence permit (residence card and residence letter). Read more about which residence permits exempts from payment of tuition fees here (see Tuition Fees):

Have you previously passed part of a higher education or do you expect to pass part of a higher education before a potential study start?

If you have previously been enrolled and passed courses at higher educational level, or if you are currently enrolled in another higher educational institution and expect to pass courses before a potential study start, you MUST inform us of this in your application. You must submit documentation for passed courses along with your application. The documentation MUST be signed and stamped by the issuing institution. Aarhus University must be informed of any previously completed courses and is obligated to make a mandatory assessment concerning credit transfer/pre-approved courses.

Please note the restriction on double education. The restriction on double education means that it is generally not possible to begin a new Bachelor’s, Professional Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree programme on a similar or lower level, until six years after completing your latest degree (only applies if it is a Danish  degree programme). Read more here (see Restriction on double education):  

If you fail to inform us and/or give false information about passed courses from a higher education that you have previously been enrolled in, it may influence your opportunities for admission to Aarhus University.  

How to apply

On the following pages, please fill out the form with relevant information and submit it. Please note that you must have a qualifying examination and fulfill the specific admission requirements.

More information regarding programmes, admission requirements, etc. can be found at  

If you have not applied for the First Round Intake (regular intake), you must remember to document your qualifying examination, supplementary courses, and any further documentation that might be relevant for your application.

If you applied in the First Round Intake, we already have the documentation you submitted for this application. Please make sure to submit any additional documentation that you did not submit with your previous application. 

Available programmes


22865 Mechanical Engineering (winter)

22875 Electrical power technology (winter)