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How to Apply

15 March at 12.00 pm: Application deadline for all applicants with an international entry examination.

Aarhus University and the other higher education institutions in Denmark belong to a joint application system called the Coordinated Enrolment System (KOT). KOT enables you to apply for up to eight different Bachelor’s degree programmes, and ensures that you are admitted to the highest priority possible. In addition KOT makes sure that you are only admitted to one of the Bachelor’s degree programmes you apply for.

You can apply from 1 February

The application portal opens at from 1 February in the year of application.

In 2014 the application is taking place online through In 2014 application forms will not be printed in paper.

Please note that ALL applicants with a non-Danish entry examination must apply by 15 March – regardless of citizenship or residence status. The only exemption is applicants holding an examination from The Duborg School or The A.P.Møller School.

A digital application made with the use of NemID is received in time if the application is approved by the applicant on before the application deadline.  Aarhus University does not receive the application before it is approved on If you do not use NemID when applying, the application is received by Aarhus University when we receive your signed signature page.

Online application

All applicants can apply online via In order to apply you must use a Danish NemID. If you do not have a NemID or a digital signature you can find guidance on how to apply without NemID at

Applying without NemID?

All international applicants must apply via However if you apply for admission with deadline March 15 without NemID, please remember to print, sign and send in the signature page to either or the address below:

Aarhus University
Fredrik Nielsens Vej 5,
Postbox 8100
8100 Aarhus C

The signature page must be received by Aarhus University no later than March 15 2014.

We are only able to register your online application when we have received your signed signature page from  

When you apply online you will be notified which attachment you must upload before you submit your application. It is your own responsibility to make sure that you have uploaded all relevant documents. Documentation for supplementary subjects or other relevant documentation which is not finished before the 15 March can be uploaded until 5 July 12.00 pm.

Guide to applying for the EDE study programme at AU Herning via



When you apply you must provide the following information:

  • name, address and CPR number (Danish civil registration number – if you don’t have one, a temporary will be created for you)
  • whether you would like to begin in summer or winter, if you apply for Medicine (in case here are more students admitted to summer start than study places available, we will move the youngest to winter start)
  • whether you would like to apply for a standby place
  • whether you are applying for exemption
  • whether you previously have been enrolled in a programme of higher education. In that case you must inform us what programmes you have been enrolled in, and how many times
  • whether you are submitting documentation after 15 March
  • whether you have supplemented with new upper secondary school subject levels, Danish language requirements, or an English test and when you expect to finish a possible supplementary course or test.

Along with your application you must upload:

  • a certified copy of your secondary degree diploma
  • documentation of relevant supplementary courses
  • documentation of your citizenship (passport or ID card)
  • a copy of your residence permit in Denmark, if applicable
  • any additional documentation you wish to be taken into consideration in the assessment of your application

It is very important that you upload certified copies of your documentation, signed and stamped by the issuing authority. Never send in originals to the university as we do not send papers back to you.

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