Available student places

  • Bachelor's degree programmes and Engineering degrees with available student places 


The bachelor programmes listed below still have available student places, thus it is still possible to apply for admission to these programmes. Please note that all applicants must still meet the admission requirements for each programme. Up to and including the 6th of August all received applications will be handled as received at the same time. From the 7th of August all applications will be handled on a first come, first served basis, which means that the list with available student places will be updated continually until all student places have been filled.  

Applicants to Aarhus School of Engineering

From 7 August and up to and including 1 November all applications for winter start at the School of Engineering will be handled as received at the same time. Admission letters for these programmes will be sent out in December.

From 2 November and onwards all applications will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

If you do not have a Danish citizenship

If you don’t have Danish/EU/EEA/Swiss citizenship, you must attach a copy of your residence permit. Read more about the rules for applicants without a Danish citizenship in the following link under Tuition Fees: http://bachelor.au.dk/en/admission/international-applicants/.

Previously passed any kind of higher education

Have you previously been enrolled and passed courses at higher educational level, or are you currently enrolled in another higher educational institution and expect to pass courses before a potential study start, you MUST inform us of this in your application. You must attach documentation for passed courses to your application. The documentation MUST be signed and stamped by the issuing institution. The reason why you must enclose and document previously completed courses is that Aarhus University is obliged to make a mandatory assessment with regards to credit transfer/pre-approved courses.

Beware of the restriction on double education. The restriction on double education means that it is generally not possible to begin a new Bachelor’s, Professional Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme on a similar or lower level, until six years after completing your latest degree. Read more here: http://bachelor.au.dk/en/admission/dispensation-and-special-permission/ -> Restriction on double education.


If you fail to inform us and/or give false information on any passed courses at higher educational level you have previously been enrolled in, it may have impact on your opportunities for admission at Aarhus University. 

How to apply

You can send your application to ba.admission@au.dk.

You have to open the application form in a pdf program (e.g. Adobe Reader) to be able to save your information. We recommend that you open and fill the application form in either Firefox or Internet Explorer.  

More information regarding programmes, admission requirements and the like can be found at http://bachelor.au.dk/en/

If you have not applied in the 1.round (regular intake) you must remember to document your qualifying examination and any relevant single subjects in connection to fulfilling the specific requirements. 

If you have applied in the 1. round we already have the documents from this application. Make sure to send us any further relevant documentation that you did not attach to your former application. 

English taught programmes


Economics and Business Administration (Herning)


Global Management and Manufacturing (diplomingeniør) (Herning)

Danish taught programmes


Brazilian Studies


French Language, Literature and Culture


India and South Asia Studies


German Language, Literature og Culture


International Business Communication – French


International Business Communication – German


Economics and Business Administration, HA (Herning)


Business Development Engineer (Herning)


Electronics (Herning)