You have the opportunity to get an intimate experience of student life at Aarhus University by participating in a three-day study experience programme that takes place each year in week 43. Study environment, study rhythm, social activities and studying in itself can hardly be described in writing, it has to be experienced in real life – partly because of the fact that Aarhus University contains many different study programmes, partly because of the fact that about the 34.000 students and 9.000 employees daily contribute with their personal input to the life of the university.


What is the study experience all about?

During the study experience you will gain an insight into how student life works by attending university classes – e.g. lectures and practical and theoretical classroom teaching. In some study programmes you will be following a specially scheduled programme in a group with other high school students who have chosen the same course as you. In other programmes you will be attending class on equal terms with the regular students. The subjects, the teaching and the methods will be of a typical university style, but the level of instruction will often be adapted to you to ensure that you can keep up.

Most of the study experience programmes take three days (Wednesday through Friday). However, there are some study programmes that only offer a single or two-day placement. During the three days you will get many opportunities to ask questions aimed at both students and teachers. You will also be able to speak with our student counsellors and ask questions about e.g. other study programmes, how to apply and what job qualifications you get with a specific programme.

Many other institutions have similar study experience programmes. You can find an overview at (in Danish only).



After-study activities

During the afternoons and evenings we can offer different kinds of ”after-study” activiteties which give you the opportunity to experience life on campus in Aarhus, meet future fellow students and simply sense the atmosphere at Aarhus University.



You have to have be a student at the final year of an upper secondary school or already have finished. Please note that there can be a limit on the number of participants allowed at the study experience programme you wish to attend, and also the fact that Aarhus University is unable to provide transportation or overnight accommodations.