Living costs

The standard of living in Denmark is high and the economy performs above the European average. Accommodation, food and transport are therefore relatively expensive in Denmark compared to other countries, but similar to other Nordics countries. Salaries and PhD stipends are, however, correspondingly high, and services such as medical treatment are free of charge.

Below we have gathered some sample prices, but for a more detailed impression of living costs in Aarhus and Denmark we suggest you to check out this page from NUMBEO where people all over the world share costs of living in different countries.

Sample prices:

Housing/rent: EUR 320–540/month

Food and daily expenses: EUR 200–350/month

Bus ticket: EUR 2.70 per ride - EUR 19 for ten-ride pass

Insurance (accident and personal belongings): EUR 270 /year

Estimated monthly expenses in total: EUR 600–900/month

1 Euro = DKK 7.45