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About the programme
GPA 2018: All applicants admitted  
Language: Danish (and partly English)  | Place of study: Aarhus  |  Commencement: August / september


This programme is only offered in Danish.

Brazilian Portuguese

The supplementary subject in Brazilian focuses on the Brazilian variation of Portuguese. During your studies you will learn to read, write, speak and understand Brazilian Portuguese; and you will use these skills to study Brazilian culture and society. This will provide you with a knowledge of Brazil that you can communicate to a Danish audience using the linguistic and cultural competences that you develop during the course.

From Cabral to Pele

In the language subjects you will also study Brazilian society and history from the year 1500 (when the Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral went ashore in Brazil) up until the situation facing the country today. You will study why Brazil has one of the world’s most unequal income distributions, and why Brazilians love samba and football. And you will gain detailed insight into this gigantic country – from the Amazon jungle to the poverty-stricken suburbs of Rio. Brazil also has its own characteristic fictional literature, which you will get to know by analysing texts and understanding the historical development of the country’s literature.

Colonisation, phonetics and football

Students of Brazilian studies as a supplementary subject deal with a great number of questions and discussions, including:

  • What impact has Portuguese colonisation had on the development of Brazil?
  • What is the difference between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese? 
  • What distinguishes Brazilian business life from Danish business life?
  • Why are samba and football so important for the Brazilians and their culture?

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to a supplementary subject, you have to be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree programme at a Danish university. Furthermore, the academic regulations of the bachelor’s degree programme have to allow for a combination with a supplementary subject.

You also have to meet the admission requirements for the supplementary subject in question. You can familiarise yourself with the requirements on the Danish version of this page by clicking on Danish in the top right corner.

Read more about admission to supplementary subjects.

Academic regulations

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