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About the programme
GPA 2018: All applicants admitted  
Language: Danish  | Place of study: Aarhus  |  Commencement: August / september


This programme is only offered in Danish.

Visualisation, virtual reality and the web

Are you interested in the many opportunities that the digital media present – from the Internet, digital art and user involvement to computer game design, 3D visualisations and pervasive computing (omnipresent IT)? In the supplementary subject in Digital Design, you learn about computer-based multimedia as a means, form and process, and you work with production and communication as well as analysis and theory.



Humanities meet computer science

Multimedia studies is an interdisciplinary supplementary subject that draws on aesthetic subjects, computer science and information studies. This supplementary subject thus consists of three academic columns, reflecting the broad fields of study on which the subject is based:




  • An aesthetic column that aims to reflect multimedia aesthetics in the light of historical, aesthetic theories and the mode of expression used by the media.
  • A computer science column that provides students with insight into how multimedia can be produced for existing systems.
  • An information studies column that focuses on the process of creating multimedia products, and the relationship between the product and the context in which it is used.

Target group

This supplementary subject targets students with a humanistic background and give you the opportunity to study the master in Digital Design.   

Game programming, game design or audio design?

The supplementary subject in multimedia studies qualifies you for admission to the Master’s degree in multimedia studies, with the option of specialising in game programming, game design and audio design.

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to a supplementary subject, you have to be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree programme at a Danish university. Furthermore, the academic regulations of the bachelor’s degree programme have to allow for a combination with a supplementary subject.

You also have to meet the admission requirements for the supplementary subject in question. You can familiarise yourself with the requirements on the Danish version of this page by clicking on Danish in the top right corner.

Read more about admission to supplementary subjects.

Academic regulations

As a student it is important to know the regulations for the chosen supplementary subject: what is the content, how is it structured and what does it require from you.

You can find this information in the academic regulation for the bachelor’s supplementary subject:


In the following graphical presentation of the subject you can see the different modules and courses that, in addition, link to the course catalogue where you can read the course descriptions.

Structure bachelor

Student life

A multidisciplinary study

Digital Design is a relatively small study where the students know each other. The interdisciplinary approach is the foundation of education, and the weighting of collaborative- and project work means the students get to know each other better.

Digital Design is located in the IT-park at Katrinebjerg and is collaborating with Kasernen where aesthetic studies are located.


IT-byen at Katrinebjerg

The environment at Katrinebjerg is characterized by the fact that we are housed in creative surroundings. In addition to Digital Design other studies are also located here such as Computer Science and Information and Media Studies. The university also cooperates with the private companies and research institutions located at Katrinebjerg. the innovative environment around Digital Design gives the opportunity to inspire and initiate cooperation with competent companies and people within the IT industry.  

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Job profile

Top 3 jobs – branch in which graduates find their first job (for graduates with a humanistic Master’s degree in multimedia studies in addition to the supplementary subject):

  1. Six out of ten get a job in IT – as consultants, within telecommunication, e-business, web, visualisation, e-learning or games.
  2. One out of ten get a job in education and research.
  3. Three out of ten gets a job in marketing and communication.

For more information about employment opportunities for multimedia graduates, see the employment survey about graduates of multimedia degree programmes published by the student guidance. 


The supplementary subject in multimedia studies gives you the following skills:

  • Use of different IT tools for media processing and programming.
  • Planning and implementation of small multimedia systems, including web-based systems and their interaction.
  • Analysis and assessment of multimedia, based on aesthetic theories and methodologies.
  • Analysis of the interaction between man and computer in different contexts.
  • Preparation of object-oriented models of small IT systems.
  • Collaboration in interdisciplinary groups regarding the development of multimedia products.