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Deadlines and Important Dates

15 March at 12.00 noon

  • Application deadline for all quota 2 applicants
  • Application deadline and documentation deadline for all Non-EU/applicants (tuition fee paying applicants, who need a student residence permit)
  • Deadline for submitting documentation for quota 2 assessment on www.optagelse.dk. Documentation for supplementary subjects or other relevant documentation which is not finished before 15 March can be uploaded to your application at www.optagelse.dk until 5 July at 12:00 noon.
  • Application deadline for educational programmes with an entrance test; musicology and sports science
  • Application deadline for all applicants with an international entry examination
  • Application deadline for applicants holding an International Baccalaureate
  • Application deadline for applicants applying for exemption (unless the circumstance takes place after 15 March)

5 July at 12.00 noon

  • Application deadline for quota 1 applicants (only applicable to applicants holding a Danish entry examination or a qualifying examination from The Duborg School or The A.P. Møller School)
  • Final documentation deadline for quota 1 and quota 2 applicants
  • Deadline for providing proof of enrolment in summer supplementary course (documentation must be up-loaded to www.optagelse.dk)
  • Please note: Documentation deadline regarding results of summer supplementary course is 5 September (only relevant for applicants with conditional admission).

28 July

  • Answer to your application (admission, rejection, standby or conditional admission)
  • Announcement of available student places that can be applied for in the second round intake

1 August 

4 August

  • Deadline to apply for available student places, for the second round intake.

August (end)

  • Applicants with a standby place will receive an admission offer - if a student place becomes available. 

5 September

  • Final deadline for applicants with conditional admission offer to document that the supplementary course has been passed.

1 November

  • Deadline for applications to programmes of engineering with available student places with study start in January/February.

5 February

  • Final deadline for applicants with conditional admission offer to a programme with winter start to document that the supplementary course has been passed.