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Economics and Business Administration, BSc - Top-up

Top-up programme for AP degrees (Economics and Business Administration, BSc)

Aarhus University offers top-up programmes for financial controllers as well as marketing and financial management graduates from the business academies

As a qualified financial controller or an AP graduate in Marketing Management or Financial Management, you are eligible for admission to the programme in economics and business administration in Danish (HA) under the top-up programmes. Graduates from other similar programmes are not eligible for admission to the top-up programmes. You are automatically granted a 90 ECTS credit transfer from your academy profession degree, and by completing an additional 90 ECTS credits, you can be awarded the Bachelor’s degree, which also makes you eligible for admission to the Master’s degree programmes in economics and business administration.

You can read about the different top-up options and specific admission requirements on the programmes' pages: 

Study programme

The top-up programmes start up twice a year. One programme takes 1½ years, and the other 2 years.

The standard programme takes 18 months, corresponding to the workload of a normal student, and starts only in January.

On the two-year programme, the workload is lower than for a normal full-time programme. The two-year programme starts in September.

If you are planning to continue your studies on the Master’s programme in economics and business administration, it does not matter so much whether you choose the standard 18-month or the two-year top-up programme as you will always be starting the Master’s programme on 1 September.

No matter which programme you choose, you are entitled to a student grant under the Education Grant and Loan Scheme in Denmark (SU), but any grant portions received during your earlier studies will be deducted.

Application and admission

Applications must be submitted online through the digital application portal. You must upload diplomas and transcripts.

Please consult the application guides below:


 Application deadlines:

ProgrammeApplication deadlineStart timeDocumentation deadlineAnswer to your application
1½ years1 NovemberJanuary27 January20 December
2 years1 JulySeptember1 JulyMid July