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Re-admission and already passed courses

Are you applying for re-admission to the same degree programme?

Please note that special rules apply to new enrolment, if you are applying for re-admission to a degree programme you previously have been enrolled in. This both applies if you have been enrolled in the same degree programme at Aarhus University or in one of the other universities.

Apply for both re-admission and re-enrolment/transfer

We recommend that you apply for re-admission via the Coordinated Enrolment System (KOT) at optagelse.dk and that you apply for re-enrolment/transfer if you have passed 60 ECTS or more. You will be considered for re-admission if you have passed less than the equivalent of the first academic year of the degree programme (based on the current academic regulations for the degree programme at AU). You will be eligible for re-enrolment if you have passed at least the first academic year of the degree programme and previously have been enrolled in the same degree programme at AU. You will be eligible for transfer if you have passed at least the first academic year of the degree programme and previously have been enrolled in the same degree programme at another university than AU. The extent to which you can get credit transfer is assessed in connection with your application for admission. This means that you are encouraged to apply for both re-admission and re-enrolment/transfer.

Need to apply for permission to be re-admitted?

If you have been withdrawn of the degree programme (for example due to many examination attempts, no passing of exams during the first year or similar), you must apply for permission to apply for re-admission. You must also apply for permission if you have chosen to withdraw from the degree programme if the conditions for the institution to have brought your enrolment to an end are present.

We can allow you to resume your studies if we assess that your possibilities for completing the degree programme have significantly improved. This means that your application for readmission can only be processed if you receive the permission. Please note, that a permission to apply for re-admission does not guarantee a student place, but is a prerequisite for the processing of your application for admission.

Deadline for applications for re-admission

The deadline for applying for re-admission is 15. March at 12.00. You must apply via optagelse.dkDownload the application form.

Already passed courses

When you apply for admission, you must inform us if you have passed any courses at a higher educational level

If you have passed courses or programmes at a higher educational level, or if you expect to pass courses or programmes before study start, you MUST inform us about this when you apply for admission.

When you apply, remember that you need to upload documentation for your passed courses/programmes.

The documentation is usually a transcript from your previous programme and must:

  • Be certified copies signed and stamped by the school
  • Show subject(s), subject level (subject descriptions) and credits/units (i.e. ECTS credits)
  • Show all grades/marks
  • Show your full name

The documentation must be uploaded to your application at www.optagelse.dk.

If you have passed courses at Aarhus University, you do not need to upload documentation.

Why do I need to inform you about my passed courses?

If you are admitted at Aarhus University, we will automatically make an assessment of your passed courses and decide if they qualify for credit transfer. The assessment can effect what courses you need to take during your first term. Therefore, you must send us your documentation before you are admitted so that can make the assessment as soon as possible if you are admitted.

Aarhus University is obliged to make the assessment. Therefor you are also obliged to inform us about your passed courses.

If you fail to inform us and/or give false information on any passed courses at higher educational level, it may have consequences for your opportunities on admission at Aarhus University.