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Supplementary Subjects Day 10 February 2022

Are you in doubt about your choice of supplementary subjects? Online Supplementary Subjects Day is an obvious opportunity to be inspired by presentations and get closer to a clarification.

In addition to hearing about the various supplementary subjects, you can 

  • talk to study counselors from the various programmes.
  • listen to a presentation from a high school teacher telling about the everyday life as a high school teacher
  • attend a panel discussion on ‘good tips and tricks for a good study choice’

Online Supplementary Subjects day is 100% digital and you are always welcome to jump into a presentation, even if it has begun.


Program for the day

Here you can see the programme and start planning your day.

The day will take place via Zoom Conference. On the day itself, all points in the program below will be converted into links that lead into the presentations in question. If you want to hear a presentation, simply click on the title of the presentation, after which you will be sent on to the relevant meeting room.

Each presentation lasts 30 min. Afterwards, there is a questioning session, where supervisors are ready to answer your questions about the programme.

If you adhere to these few things, everyone will have a great experience with online presentations. And REMEMBER, you are always welcome to jump into a presentation - even if it has started.    




Prepare yourself

Hear about Sofie's path to her choice of supplementary subject.

For you, who doesn't know AU

If you are not familiar with Aarhus University already, this page will give you a little more insight. Two AU students will show you around some of their favorite places on campus, and you can try quizzes that will help you learn more about the university and our students. You can also find out about student life at AU and in the city of Aarhus.

Are you new to Aarhus? Watch a video about Aarhus as a university town, and read more about student life at Aarhus University.

Do you need help?

Ask the student counsellors

In all our programmes, you can get in touch with a student counsellor. It is a guidance counsellor who is also a student and know the individual programme in detail. You can find the contact information on the student counsellors via the individual programmes at https://bachelor.au.dk/en/supplementary-subject/