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About the programme
GPA 2020: All qualified applicants accepted
Language: English  | Place of study: Aarhus  |  Commencement: August / september


English as lingua franca in the global business world

Would you like to supplement your international business communication skills by developing your English competences? Are you interested in English as the global language of international business communication? With English as a supplementary subject, you are qualified to work for companies and organisations in Denmark or abroad with international communication, text production and translation.

Business communication

You learn to analyse problems and to transform the results into specific types of stakeholder communication such as issues of management, crisis communication, CSR, and media relations. By developing your English competencies, you will be able to work professionally with business communication in English-speaking contexts. You learn about the characteristics of English texts and discourses, about grammar, copywriting and translation. Moreover, you study culture, business and society in English-speaking countries with particular focus on the UK and the USA, and you work with the various varieties of English used in global markets.


  • How do I write professional blogs, corporate stories and website texts in English?
  • How do I manage oral and written presentations in English in a situationally aligned way in business professional contexts?
  • How does the multiplicity of Englishes affect communication in different business and professional domains?

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to a supplementary subject, you have to be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree programme at a Danish university. Furthermore, the academic regulations of the bachelor’s degree programme have to allow for a combination with a supplementary subject.

You also have to meet the admission requirements for the supplementary subject in question. You can familiarise yourself with the requirements on the Danish version of this page by clicking on Danish in the top right corner.

Read more about admission to supplementary subjects.

Academic regulations

As a student it is important to know the regulations for the chosen supplementary subject: what is the content, how is it structured and what does it require from you.

You can find this information in the academic regulations. 


Structure bachelor


Student life

Most of the teaching in English studies is in the form of classroom lessons that introduce you to English language issues. You contribute actively to the teaching by means of oral presentations, and also hand in written assignments in the individual subjects. Naturally, all your lessons are taught in English.

Study groups

At the Department of English, students form study groups right from the start. These groups can be of invaluable assistance when you have to understand sentence structures. Your study group can also become a regular and pleasant part of your everyday life. 

Social Life

English is a very popular subject at the University of Aarhus. The department has several hundred students and also organises leisure activities, like:

  • Esperanto: The Friday bar for all the language programmes is called Esperanto, and it’s open every Friday. The bar is named after the artificial language introduced to the world by L.L. Zamenhof in 1887. Esperanto is the most widely spoken artificial language in the world.    

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With English as a supplementary subject, you are well placed to get a job in a company or organisation in Denmark or abroad. Among other things, you can work with a company’s international communication with its customers and suppliers or the media. Many graduates with competences in English business communication are involved in producing international marketing material such as brochures, or writing texts for corporate websites, and some find employment as administrative employees, project managers or translators in international companies.