Admission Requirements

Admissions officer Lasse Jensen answers the most common questions from international applicants interested in our Bachelor's programmes.

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To be eligible to apply for admission to Aarhus University, you must meet the admission requirements.
There are two types of admission requirements:

1) you must have passed a qualifying examination
2) you must meet the specific admission requirements

The general and specific admission requirements for each degree programme must be met by all applicants who want to be considered, and must be met whether you are applying via quota 1 or quota 2. In special circumstances, however, it is possible to be granted exemption from the requirements.

Are you in doubt?

If you need help in assessing whether or not you fulfil the requirements for a desired programme, you can receive help and guidance at Aarhus University Information Centre.

Qualifying Entry Examination

To apply to Aarhus University you must have passed one of the following entry examinations before 5 July in the year of application.

  • Danish qualifying exam (stx, hf, hhx, htx)
  • Faroe Island recognized exam
  • Greenland recognized exam (GU)
  • Danish qualifying exam for refugees and immigrants (GIF)
  • International recognized entry exam

Need to know about the qualifying entry examination

  • An entry exam can never be outdated
  • If you have more than one finished entry exam, it is only the Grade Point Average (GPA) from the first exam that can be used in quota 1. A retake exam can never be used in quota 1.
    The subject levels from additional exams can be used to fulfil the admission requirements.
  • In case you have not finished your entry exam by 5 July (due to illness), your application will not be assessed until we receive your final diploma.
  • Applicants with an international entry examination are advised to read our language requirements.

Specific Admission Requirements

In addition to having the qualifying examination, you must have particular upper secondary school subjects at certain levels to meet the specific admission requirements. The specific admission requirements can be met as part of your qualifying examination, depending on the branch and elective subjects, or by supplementing.

The course must be passed

The upper secondary subject levels that are admission requirements for degree programmes at Aarhus University must be passed in order to be approved. This also applies if the level is taken as part of a qualifying examination. The pass requirement cannot be met by rounding up.

If you do not meet the specific admission requirements, you can supplement your qualifying examination. You can do this via Upper Secondary School Supplementing (GS) – see (in Danish only).

The following International courses are generally recognized by the University:

  • (International) general certificate of education (IGCE) offered by a recognized institution such as Pearson and Cambridge (Subjects taken at AS-level are comparable to the B-level in Denmark whereas subjects taken at A-level are comparable to the A-level in Denmark)
  • Advanced placement tests (AP test) issued by the college Board

If you are planning to take any other supplementary courses abroad we advise you to contact our admission office first at in order to request if the course will be recognized by the university.

You also have the option of having an individual competence assessment of your subject levels done (only available in Danish). You need to contact an Adult Education Centre (VUC) for such an assessment, since they have the authority to assess and document you subject level.

You can read more about the degree programmes and admission requirements in our Study Guide.

Assessment of subject levels from international examinations

Assessment of your subject levels from your foreign entrance examination is based on a comparison to the specific subject levels in the Danish upper secondary school/high school system.

Comparison of the subject levels is among other things based on how many hours of teaching you have had in each subject. Therefore you need to submit documentation from your school stating how many hours you have been taught in the relevant subjects during the last three years of upper secondary school. (1 lesson/hour = 60 minutes).

Please also be aware of our specific language requirements to all bachelor's degree programmes at Aarhus University.

Propaedeutic teaching – intensive language teaching

On some bachelor programmes at Aarhus University you must follow a propaedeutic course, which is an intensive language course that extends the programme with 1-2 semesters. This applies for the bachelor’s degree programmes in Arabic (if you do not have Arabic at level A), Classical Languages, Theology, Russian and Balkan Studies, Chinese Studies, Brazilian Studies and Japanese Studies. The study start for these programmes is August/September. If you are admitted to the programme in Arabic (and already have Arabic at level A) you do not need to follow the propaedeutic course, but the study start will still be August/September 

Supplementary Subject Levels

Who needs to do supplementary subject levels?

  • If you lack one or more specific subject levels (A,B,C - A being the highest level) to fulfil the specific admission requirements for your desired educational programme
  • If you want to improve your grades in relevant quota 2 subjects that are included in the quota 2 assessment

Please notice it is not possible to improve your Grade Point Average for quota 1 by supplementing.

What is a supplementary subject?

At Aarhus University we differentiate between two types of supplementary courses (ordinary and summer) - with two different deadlines:


Supplementary courses that you complete before 5 July

Summer supplementing courses that you complete after 5 July but before 5 September

What can be supplemented?

One or several subjects and levels

One subject, One level

Where to write it in the application?

Tick off in your application at Make sure you write which subject(s) you supplement, the level and end-date

Tick off in your application at Make sure you write which subject(s) you supplement, the level and end-date.

If you supplement during the summer your application can only be considered for conditional admission.

Do I need to document the enrolment?



However you must inform us that you are enrolled in the subject by 5 July at the latest

What is the deadline for sending documentation to AU?

5 July at the latest

5 September at the latest

Can the grade be used for the quota 2 assessment (e.g. the quota 2 GPA)? Yes No
Can the grade be used for the quota 1 GPA? No No

How does the university use the grades from the supplementary course?

    • Only grades from supplementary courses finished and documented before 5 July can be used in the quota 2 assessment.
    • We will always use the highest grade possible at the required minimum level.

    Where can I take a supplementary course?

    • In Denmark supplementary courses are offered by VUC. Please notice that the teaching language at VUC is Danish.
    • Language requirements can be fulfilled by taking a language test.
    • If you supplement outside of Denmark, make sure to check with the admissions office (, if the supplementary course is accepted.

    Summer Supplement (Conditional Admission)

    Aarhus University offers conditional admission to all Bachelor’s degree programmes at Aarhus University.

    Provided that you by 5 July have earned a qualifying examination and you fulfil all the specific admission requirements but one you may apply for conditional admission. This means that you may take a supplementary course (see more below) or an English test after the documentation deadline of 5 July. If you wish to apply for conditional admission you need to inform us by 5 July at the very latest and we need documentation for your passed supplementary course by 5 September at the very latest.

    Please notice that you can be granted conditional admission regardless of which specific admissions requirement you fail to meet. Please also notice that Aarhus University does not offer any supplementary courses or English tests.

    For further information regarding conditional admission and summer supplement courses please read below.

    Supplementary courses in the summer

    If you have applied for conditional admission to a degree programme, you must document that you fulfil the specific admission requirements in question by 5 September. However, please notice that the deadline for applying for conditional admission is 5 July just as the deadline for quota 1 applications and for submitting documentation in general.

    If we do not receive your exam certificate by 5 September or if you fail the summer supplementary course your potential admission offer will be withdrawn. 

    Supplementary courses for programmes that start in the winter

    It is possible to take supplementary courses in the autumn/winter but only provided:

    • that the program you apply for has ‘winter start’
    • that you by 5 July at the very latest have indicated on your online application at that you prefer ‘winter start’
    • that you by 5 July at the very latest have documented which subject that you will supplement and at which level.

    … only then will you be able to take a supplementary course in the autumn/winter that will enable you to fulfil the specific admission requirement in question.

    Please note that indicating a preference for ‘winter start’ when applying to the programme in medicine does not mean that you are guaranteed admission with commencement of studies in the winter. Furthermore if you have been conditionally admitted to the programme in medicine and have been assigned to winter start without having indicated it as a preference, and if you fail the summer supplementary course, a dispensation allowing you to re-take the supplementary course in the autumn/winter may in some cases be granted. 

    You must document that you have passed the supplementary course for a degree programme with commencement of studies in the winter by 5 February.

    If we do not receive your exam certificate from your supplementary course by 5 February or if you fail the supplementary course, the offer of admission will be withdrawn. 

    General information

    When you apply via, you must indicate the subject and the level of the supplementary course you are enrolled in or expect to enroll in by 5 July at the very latest. This applies regardless of when you expect to complete your supplementary course(s). If you apply for conditional admission, your application will be processed as if you already fulfil the admissions requirements. If you have been offered conditional admission you must send documentation for your passed summer supplementary course by e-mail to See the deadlines above. 

    Only one subject, one level

    As a rule you are only allowed to supplement one subject and one level up (for example, from C to B level or from B to A level). 

    Conditional admission and lower priorities

    Please be aware that if you are offered conditional admission to a degree programme and fail your supplementary course, you will not be offered admission to any of the degree programmes you have indicated as lower priority choices.

    Quota 1 and quota 2

    Provided that your exam can be assessed in both quota 1 and quota 2, your application will be considered in both quotas, if you apply for admission by 15 March and you fulfil the other admissions requirements. However, your application to quota 2 will be assessed on the basis of the documentation you upload to by 5 July. This means that you cannot improve a potential quota 2 grade point average by doing a summer supplementary course if the course is in the same year as you apply.

    English Language Requirements

    All bachelor's programmes at Aarhus University are taught in either English or Danish. To the Danish taught programmes applicants must document their Danish language qualifications and typically also their English language qualifications. To the English taught programmes all applicants must document their English qualifications.

    English language requirements

    Almost all bachelor’s programmes require qualifications comparable to a Danish secondary school English B level. However, some programmes require qualifications comparable to a Danish secondary school English A level.

    English at level B and/or English at level A are fulfilled if you have passed the subject(s) in your Danish secondary school exam. If you do not meet the English subjects from your Danish secondary school exam you can fulfill the requirement by taking one of the English tests mentioned below.   

    Please also note that all applicants holding a foreign entrance examination and apply for English taught programmes must document their English qualifications with one of the following English tests.

    • TOEFL:
      English B – Test result of at least 560 (paper-based) or 83 (internet-based)
      English A – Test result of at least 600 (paper-based) or 100 (internet-based)
      The paper-based test must have a “total score”. From summer admission 2019, AU no longer accepts the paper-based test.
      Aarhus University does not accept the TOEFL ITP test.
      When you sign up for a TOEFL test, you must request the test center to add Aarhus University as a recipient of your test result in order for us to verify your test result. The Aarhus University TOEFL code is 8935.
    • IELTS:
      English B – IELTS Academic test result of at least 6.5 points
      From summer admission 2020, the 6.5 score must be equivalent of C1 level on your test result. 6.5/B2 level is no longer accepted. 
      English A – IELTS Academic test result of at least 7.0 points
    • Cambridge ESOL examinations
      English B – Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) (only grades A, B or C) or First Certificate with grade A or 180 points as a minimum on the Cambridge English Scale.
      English A – Certificate of Proficiency (CPE) or CAE with grade A or 190 points as a minimum on the Cambridge English Scale.
      Applicants must upload their Confirmation of Entry stating candidate ID number and candidate secret number, which are not stated on the test result itself.
    • CEFR validated English language course
      English B – C1 level
      From summer admission 2019, AU no longer accepts the C1 level as sole documentation. We require applicants to take either a TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge test.          
      English A – C2 level
    • The test result must not be more than two years old
    • You must upload your test result and your receipt for registration to the test to your application on  
    • If you receive your test result after the application deadline, you must upload your test result to your application on, however no later than the documentation deadline (consult this page for documentation deadlines).  

    Applicants who are exempted from submitting an English test are:

    • ”Native speakers” with an English taught qualifying exam (including applicants with a qualifying examination from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Scotland, or Ireland). Please note that applicants with a qualifying examination from all other countries (including African and Asian countries, where the exam has been taught in English) must submit a test.
    • Applicants holding a Nordic/Duborg/International Baccalaureate (from the IB diploma programme)/European Baccalaureate (from the “ScholaEuropaea”) entrance examination with an English level the Danish Agency for higher Education considers comparable to a Danish B/A level in English
    • Applicants holding an English taught Bachelor’s or a Master's Degree from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Scotland, or Ireland. The applicant must document that the programme was taught in English

    Danish Language Requirements

    The majority of Aarhus University bachelor's programmes are taught in Danish and require a Danish A level.

    Danish qualifications can be documented as follows:

    • Danish A from a Danish upper secondary school exam ("gymnasium")

    Passed Danish A in a Danish secondary school exam ("gymnasium") or from VUC

    • Nordic entry examination

    The requirement of Danish A is fulfilled by Norwegians, Swedes, Icelanders, Fins, Faroese, and Greenlanders by having passed Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian at the equivalent level. Icelanders can also meet the Danish A requirement, by having passed Icelandic at an equivalent level or the study test of Danish as a foreign language.

    • The Study-test in Danish as a Foreign Language:

    The study-test in Danish in combination with passed mother-tongue at the highest level is considered comparable to a Danish A level (the teaching language in the secondary school exam is considered the mother tongue and the grade from the mother tongue is used, provided the grade is convertible).

    The Study-test in Danish must be successfully passed with grade 2 in each discipline. Applicants for medicine and odontology must pass the Study-test with a minimum of 7 in each discipline. 

    Applicants for Spanish and French must pass the Study-test with a minimum grade of 7 in the written discipline (and 2 in the other disciplines).

    Applicants for International Business Communication must pass the Study-test with a minimum grade of 10 in each discipline.

    • Applicants who have passed the Danish primary school leaving examination

    Applicants with an International qualifying examination (e.g. International Baccalaureate) who have passed the Danish primary and lower secondary school leaving examination ("Folkeskolens Afgangsbevis - FSA" or "Folkeskolens Udvidede Afgangsbevis") can be granted exemption from the Danish A requirement, provided they document a full passed FSA along with passed mother tongue from their qualifying examination (the teaching language in the qualifying examination is considered the mother tongue and the grade from the mother tongue is used, provided the grade is convertible). Please be aware that Aarhus University only grants exemption if you have a full FSA in which reading, spelling, written production and oral must be passed. Aarhus University does usually not grant exemption from the Danish A requirement based on a diploma for Danish taken as a single subject at Danes World Wide (“folkeskolens afgangsprøve enkeltfag”) or Danish taken as a single subject comparable to the Danish level in the Danish lower secondary examination. 

    • Applicants who have been issued a certificate with full recognition of Danish at level A.

    Applicants can meet the admission requirement of Danish at level A, if they on the basis of an individual competence assessment done by VUC in Denmark, have been issued a certificate with full recognition of Danish at level A  

    For further information and registration for "Studieprøven", please contact:

    LærDansk LanguageCentre 
    Paludan-Müllers Vej 82
    DK-8200 Aarhus N

    Tel.: +45 8732 5400