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Supplementary Subject Levels

Who needs to supplement subject levels?

  • If you lack one or more specific subject levels (A,B,C - A being the highest level in Denmark) to fulfil the specific admission requirements for your desired educational programme.
  • If you want to improve your grades in quota 2 subjects which are included in the quota 2 assessment.

Please note that it is not possible to improve your Grade Point Average for quota 1 by supplementing.

How does the university use the grades from the supplementary course?

  • Only grades from supplementary courses finished and documented before 5 July can be used in the quota 2 assessment (unless you are a paying applicant).
  • Aarhus University will always use the highest grade possible at the required minimum level.

Where can I take a supplementary course?

  • If you take a course outside of Denmark, and you are unsure if it fulfils the specific admission requirement, you can contact the admissions office at ba.admission@au.dk.  Please enclose a course description.
  • In Denmark, supplementary courses are offered by VUC. Please note that the teaching language at VUC is Danish.
  • Language requirements can be fulfilled by taking a language test.

What is a supplementary subject?

Aarhus University differentiates between two types of supplementary courses (ordinary and summer) - with two different deadlines:

Supplementary courses completed before 5 July

Summer supplementing courses completed after 5 July but before 5 September

What can be supplemented?

One or several subjects and levels

Two subjects

Where to mark it in the application?

Mark it in your application at www.optagelse.dk. Please write which subject(s) you supplement as well as the end-date    

Mark it in your application at www.optagelse.dk. Please write which subject(s) you supplement as well as the end-date.

If you supplement during the summer, your application can only be considered for conditional admission.    

Do I need to document the enrolment?



However, you must inform us that you are enrolled in the subject by 5 July at the latest

What is the deadline for submitting documentation to AU?

5 July at the latest

5 September at the latest

Can the grade be used for the quota 2 assessment (e.g. the quota 2 GPA)? Yes No
Can the grade be used for the quota 1 GPA? No No