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Supplementary subject levels

Who needs to do supplementary subject levels?

  • If you lack one or two specific subject levels (A,B,C) to fulfil the specific admission requirements for your prefered educational programme
  • If you want to improve you GPA for quota 2 application

It is not possible to improve your GPA for quota 1 by supplementing.

What is a supplementary subject?

At Aarhus University we differentiate between two types of supplementary courses - with two different deadlines:

Ordinary supplementary courses (during the year)

Summer supplementing courses (during the summer)

What can be supplemented?

One or several subjects and levels

One subject, One level

Where to write it in the application?

Cross off in the KOT application-form. Make sure you write which subject, level and end date

Cross off in the KOT application-form. Make sure you write which subject, level and end date

If you supplement during the summer your application will only be considered for conditional admission.

What is the deadline top send documentation to AU?

5 July at the latest

5 September at the latest

Can the grade be used for my quota 2 GPA?



Can the grade be used for the quota 1 GPA No No

How does the university use the grades from the supplementary course?

    • Only grades from supplementary courses finished before 5 July can be used in the assessment.
    • We will always use the highest grade possible at the required minimum level.

    Where can I do a supplementary course?

    • In Denmark supplementary courses are offered by VUC.
    • In case you need to supplement in English you may contact one of the IB schools in Denmark.
    • Language requirements can be fulfilled by taking a language test.
    • If you supplemment outside of Denmark, make sure to check with the admissions office (, if the supplementary course is accepted.
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