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Application deadlines

Quota 1

Quota 1 applicants must apply no later than 5 July at 12.00 noon.

Quota 2

Quota 2 applicants must apply no later than 15 March at 12.00 noon.

Applicants for Musicology and Sport Science must also apply no later than 15 March at 12.00 noon.

All applicants who fulfil the requirements for assessment in both quotas will be assessed in both - if they apply no later than 15 March at 12.00 noon.

International applicants

Please note that all international applicants (including applicants holding an International Baccalaureate) must apply no later than 15 March at 12.00 noon regardless of whether they wish to be assessed in quota 1 or 2. We do not accept late applications.

The only exemption is applicants holding a qualifying exam from The Duborg School or The A.P. Møller School. They can apply until 5 July and be assessed in quota 1.

How to Apply

Online application

All applicants must apply online via www.optagelse.dk. In order to apply you must use a Danish NemID. If you do not have a NemID or a digital signature you can find guidance on how to apply without NemID at www.optagelse.dk.

You will be notified about which documentation you must upload, before you submit your application. It is your own responsibility to make sure that you have uploaded all relevant documents. Documentation for supplementary subjects or other relevant documentation, which is not finished before 15 March at 12.00 noon, can be uploaded until 5 July 12.00 noon (unless you are a quota 3 applicant).

Aarhus University and the other higher education institutions in Denmark belong to a joint application system called the Coordinated Enrolment System (KOT). KOT enables you to apply for up to eight different Bachelor’s degree programmes, and ensures that you are admitted to the highest priority possible. In addition KOT makes sure that you can only be admitted to one of the Bachelor’s degree programmes you apply for.

You can apply from 1 February

The application portal www.optagelse.dk opens at 1 February. 

Please note that all applications must be submitted online through www.optagelse.dk.

Applying with a Danish NemID

A digital application made with the use of NemID is received in time if the application is approved by the applicant on www.optagelse.dk before the application deadline.  Aarhus University does not receive the application before it is approved on www.optagelse.dk.

Applying without a Danish NemID

If you apply without NemID you will for each applied and approved programme receive a link to a signature page. However, in order to meet the application deadline the signature page must be printed, dated, signed and received by Aarhus University no later than 15 March at 12.00 noon in the application year. In other words the date of receipt of the signature page and NOT the date of approval of the application is the date that is considered in terms of having met the application deadline. Signature pages received after 15 March at 12.00 noon will be rejected due to exceeding of the deadline. 

The printed, dated and signed signature page must be sent through our web form https://bachelor.au.dk/en/admission/international-applicants/signaturepage/  


When you apply you must provide the following information:

  • name, address and CPR number (Danish civil registration number – if you don’t have one, a temporary will be created for you, when you type your name, surname and birth date on www.optagelse.dk)
  • if you would like to begin in summer or winter, if you apply for Medicine (if more students are admitted to summer start than there are available student places, we will move the youngest to winter start)
  • if you would like to apply for a standby place
  • if you are applying for exemption
  • if you previously have been enrolled in a programme of higher education. In that case you must inform us what programmes you have been enrolled in, how many ECTS credit you have passed and state if you still are enrolled in the programme
  • if you are submitting documentation after 15 March
  • if you have supplemented with new upper secondary school subject levels, Danish language requirements, or an English test and when you expect to finish a possible supplementary course or test.

Along with your application you must upload:

  • a certified copy of your secondary degree diploma and grade transcript (please note that we need a copy of the original diploma in the official language and normally a copy of your diploma translated into English by a certified translator if it is not already in English – if you wish to know if you can be exempted from submitting a translation please contact ba.admission@au.dk)
  • documentation of relevant supplementary courses
  • other educational documents (university level or other)
  • documentation of subject levels (number of instruction hours in your upper secondary school and I course descriptions)
  • documentation of your citizenship (passport or ID card)
  • a copy of your residence permit in Denmark, if applicable
  • any additional documentation you wish taken into consideration in the assessment of your application

It is very important that you upload certified copies of your documentation, signed and stamped by the issuing authority    

Standby and Preapproved Admission

You have the option of applying for a standby place, when you apply for admission. That means that you have a standby place on a waiting list. 

If you are offered a standby place, you will be on a waiting list where you may be offered a student place up until mid August. If you are offered a student place, you must accept or reject it. If you reject it, you forfeit your student place this year.   

If you are not offered a student place before mid August, your standby place will grant you preapproved admission for a student place for the same programme the following year. Please note that you must apply for admission to the programme again the following year and you must fulfill the admission requirements again. Please remember to upload a copy of the preapproved admission letter together with copy of your upper secondary school diploma and a copy of supplementary courses if applicable.

Standby is an extra application

You should regard standby as an “extra” application among your other priorities. This means that if you are offered a standby place for a programme, you will not be offered a student place on lower priority programmes. Standby must therefore be regarded as an extra chance for admission to the degree programme you like. But on the other hand, an offered standby place could mean that you will have to postpone your commencement of studies by a year.

How to apply for standby

You have the option of applying for standby for most degree programmes. When you apply on www.optagelse.dk you must declare if wish to apply for standby to each programme. The deadline for applying for standby is 5 July at 12.00 noon. If you have not applied for standby by 5 July, it is not possible to get a place on the waiting list.

Admission Assurance

If you have been granted preapproved admission from the previous year you must make a new application on www.optagelse.dk before 15 March at 12.00 noon (if you hold a Danish qualifying exam the deadline is 5 July at 12.00 noon). Remember to upload your preapproved admission letter, a copy of your upper secondary school diploma and a copy of supplementary courses if applicable.

Please note that applicants with preapproved admission must meet the admission requirements just like all other applicants – even if the admission requirements have chanced compared to the year the preapproved admission was given. For information on the admission requirements, find your programme in our Bachelorguide at www.bachelor.au.dk/en/.


If you are prevented from contacting us or confirming a possible offered student place, you can authorize somebody else to do it.

With the authorisation you authorise another person to look after your interests regarding your application for admission. You can upload an authorisation as an attachment to your application on www.optagelse.dk. You find a form for constructing an authorisation/power of attorney here.

Please remember to print and upload the form to www.optagelse.dk.


In case you, due to illness, do not finish your secondary school exam prior to the deadline of 5 July at 12.00 noon, you must upload documentation for this matter to your application at www.optagelse.dk before 5 July at 12.00 noon.

If you, due to illness, take exams in August instead, we will not assess your application before you submit your final diploma in August.

Already passed courses

When you apply for admission, you must inform us if you have passed any courses at a higher educational level

If you have passed courses or programmes at a higher educational level, or if you expect to pass courses or programmes before study start, you MUST inform us about this when you apply for admission.

When you apply, remember that you need to upload documentation for your passed courses/programmes.

The documentation is usually a transcript from your previous programme and must:

  • Be certified copies signed and stamped by the school
  • Show subject(s), subject level (subject descriptions) and credits/units (i.e. ECTS credits)
  • Show all grades/marks
  • Show your full name

The documentation must be uploaded to your application at www.optagelse.dk.

If you have passed courses at Aarhus University, you do not need to upload documentation.

Why do I need to inform you about my passed courses?

If you are admitted at Aarhus University, we will automatically make an assessment of your passed courses and decide if they qualify for credit transfer. The assessment can effect what courses you need to take during your first term. Therefore, you must send us your documentation before you are admitted so that can make the assessment as soon as possible if you are admitted.

Aarhus University is obliged to make the assessment. Therefor you are also obliged to inform us about your passed courses.

If you fail to inform us and/or give false information on any passed courses at higher educational level, it may have consequences for your opportunities on admission at Aarhus University.    

Previously Enrolled in the Same Programme

Please note that special rules apply for admission and enrollment to a bachelor’s degree programme if you previously have been enrolled in the same programme. This applies regardless of whether you earlier have studied at Aarhus University or at one of the other universities. If you have opted to withdraw from the programme, admission can first take place 5 months after your resignation.

If you are readmitted to the same programme that you have been enrolled in before, you must be aware that your previously passed exams and your previously used examination attempts will follow you into your new enrollment, in certain cases also even if you are enrolled under new academic regulations. The same applies for the requirements regarding passing the first-year examinations and possible time limits, which are part of the valid academic regulations for the programme.

Be aware of whether to apply for permission for new enrollment

If the institution have withdrawn you from the degree programme (for example due to too many examination attempts in a course, failure to pass the entrance test/1st-year exam or similar), you must apply for permission to be admitted to the programme again. You must also apply for permission, even though you chose to withdraw from the degree program yourself, if the conditions for the institution to end your enrollment was present.

We can give you permission to apply for admission to the same degree programme again, if we believe that your potential for completing the study programme have significantly improved, or if the study programme has significantly changed.

Thus, your application for admission can only be processed if you obtain permission. Please note, that a permission to apply for admission to the study programme does not guarantee that you will be admitted, but it will make sure that your application for admission can be treated.

Application for permission

Your application to apply for re-enrolment must be received as quickly as possible after 1 February and, preferably, no later than 15 March. The sooner we receive your application, the better time we have to assess it on an adequately informed basis. The later you sent it, the less time we have to contact you in the process of making sure that we have the necessary documentation. Please attach relevant documentation, such as a study overview including all examination attempts, as well as your resignation reason together with your application for enrollment at optagelse.dk.

You can find an application form here.

How to apply if you passed less than 60 ECTS

If you have passed less than the first year examinations in the programme you want to apply for readmission to (60 ECTS), you must apply through www.optagelse.dk. Please be aware that the requirement about passing the first year concerns the newest academic regulations for the programme. You can read more about how to apply through www.optagelse.dk here.

Have you passed more than 60 ECTS?

If you have passed the first year examinations or more under the valid academic regulations for the specific programme you must apply for ‘administrative enrollment’ in terms of transfer or re-enrolment. Your chances of being transferred or re-enrolled into the programme depend on several factors. For instance there must be available student places to the programme you want to be transferred or enrolled into and you must not have used all of your examination attempts and last but not least you must meet the current admission requirements.

If you can be re-enrolled into the programme you will normally be enrolled under the newest academic regulations. This may imply that you cannot get full credit for all the courses you have passed in the programme before you were withdrawn.

If you previously have been enrolled into the programme you apply for admission to it is a good idea to ask for counselling at the counselling team at the programme. You can contact the counselling team for more information.